Separation is particularly difficult when children are involved. We understand that your paramount concern during this time is ensuring that your children are protected, well cared for, and allowed to spend significant and meaningful time with you so that they can continue their relationship with you as their parent and carer.

Unfortunately, it is common during separation for one parent to threaten to limit the time you spend with your children or prevent you from seeing them entirely. It is important to know that your children have the right to a meaningful relationship and spend significant time with you as long as this is in their best interests. Certus Family Lawyers will work closely with you to provide you with in depth advice and support to ensure that your children’s best interests are enforced and ensure that the time you spend with your children is protected and enforced.

Certus Family Lawyers are strong advocates for opening a dialogue between yourself and your ex-partner so that you can come to an agreement for the care of your children in an open manner which reduces the stress involved for both yourself and your children. We are here to guide you through the process so that you and your children can move on with your lives and settle into your new routine.

When you have come to an agreement with your ex-partner as to how much time your children will spend with each parent, we are able to draft and lodge an application for consent orders with the Family Court of Australia. Once this document is stamped by the court your agreement becomes binding and you can enforce your rights if your ex-partner becomes difficult or changes their mind at a later date.

Whilst consent orders are the preferred method to finalise your parenting matter because they provide you with the ability to enforce the agreement you have reached; some parents prefer to enter into a parenting plan which sets out the time that they are to spend with their children. Certus Family Lawyers can provide you with down to earth advice in relation to the pros and cons of entering into a parenting plan in the short term and in the future. While a parenting plan is not legally enforceable, it is an excellent step to coming to a workable agreement with your ex-spouse and can provide your children with a routine allowing you to start moving on with your new lives.

Unfortunately, there are often times when it is not possible to come to an amicable agreement with your ex-partner as to how you should share the care of your children. This could be because your ex-partner is being unreasonable or threatening to prevent access to your children or if there have been issues of domestic violence during the relationship and you need to limit the contact your ex-partner has with the children to ensure their safety. Certus Family Lawyers can assist you in applying to the Court for parenting orders to ensure your rights are enforceable and your children protected.

If you are interested in finding out more about the options that are available to you please read the information contained in our pages for Consent Orders and Contested Parenting Matters and Court Hearings. If you are ready to open a dialogue and start to move forwards our experts on 07 3106 3016 will be able to provide you with an obligation free advice tailored to meet your needs and begin drafting your documents.

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