Property Consent Orders

Certus Family Lawyers are able to advise you how the property acquired during your relationship should be divided taking into account the contributions that you have made throughout the relationship and open a dialogue with your ex-partner or their solicitor to negotiate an equitable and enforceable property settlement that focuses on your financial needs.

Engaging a solicitor to act for you throughout the property negotiation process can drastically reduce the stress you experience in settling your property and will ensure that you receive your fair share of assets.

Certus Family Lawyers think it is fantastic if you have come to an agreement with your ex-partner to divide your assets without the needs for a lawyer’s input as this means that you can keep your legal fees low. In these situations, we are here to provide you with advice to ensure that the agreement you have reached is fair and equitable and can be enforceable.

If you have discussed dividing your assets with your ex-partner and come to an agreement it is wise to have a solicitor draft the agreement into consent orders which are lodged with the Family Court and bind the parties to perform their respective obligations under the agreement.

An essential requirement is that the agreement contained in the consent orders be fair and equitable. Engaging a solicitor to advise you on the contents of your agreement is a good idea as it will ensure the court does not requisition your consent orders. Certus Family Lawyers focus on your unique financial situation to ensure that the agreement you reach is fair and equitable and will fight hard to ensure that your interests are protected so that you can move forwards.

If you have come to an agreement with your spouse our would like to commence negotiations, our experts are waiting to speak to you and provide you with advice so that you can finalise your property settlement now.

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