Unpaid Defaults

Your Credit Report will show Unpaid Defaults where you have not paid a Creditor on time or where you have not paid them the balance of what is owing.

Contact Us Before Paying Unpaid Defaults

It is vital that you discuss any unpaid listing or default with a suitably qualified and experienced Credit Repair Lawyer before you pay the Creditor. Paying the Creditor an amount listed as an Unpaid Default on your Credit Report will typically only result in changing the listing from an Unpaid Default to a Paid Default. This can improve your Credit Score but not nearly as much as removal of the listing altogether.

Removing Unpaid Defaults

Like other negative listings on your Credit Report, Unpaid Defaults can only be removed where they are unlawful, contain mistakes or are incorrect. The legislative requirements to list an Unpaid Default on your Credit Report are complex and very specific. Our Credit Repair Lawyers remove hundreds of Unpaid Defaults every year due to the creditor not complying with these requirements.