Default Removal – No Win No Fee

Our Credit Repair Lawyers can assist to have a default removed from your credit report

A credit default is a listing on your credit report that states that you have breached the terms of a credit agreement. This can be because you have not paid a paid, made a loan repayment or rental payment on time, or because the creditor mistakenly believes you have not made a payment.

Removal of a default on your credit report may be possible where the creditor has not complied with the legislative requirements to correctly list the default, where there is a mistake in the listing or the listing is incorrect.

We only used experienced credit repair lawyers to work on your matter. Our lawyers deal directly with the creditor and the credit reporting company.

This is a complex area of law that can have a significant impact upon your ability to obtain finance in the future. We believe it deserves the attention of a fully qualified lawyer.

By working with us:

  • You’ll know if your credit default has been correctly recorded
  • You’ll be able to dispute the listing if the default has been incorrectly recorded
  • You’ll know what supporting evidence you will need to have the default removed
  • We’ll seek the best possible outcome for your credit report, whatever the challenge
Our team has years of experience in assisting those who are having issues with defaults on their credit report. We listen and understand the importance of your concerns.

We can help you dispute a credit default on your credit report and give you the best chance of getting it removed.

The skills and experience of our Credit Repair Lawyers means that we are able to their knowledge to work towards the best possible outcome for you.

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