Watch what you post on Facebook

Australian courts are becoming increasingly intolerant of sexually offensive material posted to social networking sites, with jail sentences being handed down to two men who created a Facebook page to rate the sexual performance of women.

The Bendigo Magistrates Court has convicted David McRory to a four month jail sentence, and Joshua Turner to a six month jail sentence, with both sentences to be fully suspended, for publishing the offending material. The two friends have also been given a two year ban on using Facebook.

There was public outcry and subsequent police intervention following the creation of the Facebook page by McRory and Turner, who used the page to receive comments on the sexual performance of women in Central Victoria.

In handing down McRory’s sentence, the Magistrate noted the harm the degrading comments could have on the victims, and said he must ‘send a message’ to the public about this behaviour.

This is not the first time a jail sentence has been handed down for offensive material posted to Facebook. As previously reported by Certus Legal Group, the NSW Local Court sentenced a man to a six month jail sentence (subsequently suspended) for posting nude pictures of his former girlfriend to his Facebook page.