Conveyancing Prices for Buying a Unit or Townhouse

Best Prices

We aim to offer you the best conveyancing prices in packages that are tailored to suit your individual needs. Unlike many other law firms, all of our fixed price conveyancing packages are inclusive of all professional fees, search costs and disbursements. Only add-ons are extra. That way you only pay for what you need. We are transparent and upfront about our prices. Check carefully when comparing our conveyancing prices to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples.

Conveyancing Packages

Choose the package that suits you and only pay for what you need

Basic Value Premium Platinum
Price (including GST) $1495 $1995 $2395 $2695
Lawyer handling your purchase
Pre-signing Review of Contract
Drafting of Special Conditions
Unlimited Settlement Extensions
Attendance at Settlement
Required Searches
Standard Searches
Recommended Searches
Off the Plan Purchase $250 $250 $250 Included
Early Termination Fee $220 $220 $220 Included
Moreton Bay Surcharge $552 $382 $382 $382
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Which Package is Best for Me?

Ultimately that depends on the property you are purchasing, how much you know about the property, your risk tolerance and your financial resources. We recommend you obtain required, standard and recommended searches. That’s what we do when we do conveyances for ourselves, friends and family. But we recognise that everyone is different and so offer choice.

Why do you offer Packages?

By offering you one price for each package it makes it easy for you to know exactly what you’re going to pay. And by giving you the choice of packages, you can choose the level of searches you need and want, and not pay for anything extra you don’t require. The only thing that won’t change is the high level of service we’ll always provide.

Conveyancing Searches

Details of the searches in each package

Required Searches

These are the minimum searches we will require in order to complete your conveyance and properly advise you on the contract and your rights.

  • Current Title Search

    Provides details of the registered owner of the property, registered encumbrances, easements, covenants, interests and administrative advices. Also provides the real property description and title reference, and if applicable details of any encumbrances, registered leases and caveats.

  • Check Title Search

    This is a further Current Title Search that is performed the day of settlement to ensure that the details on the first title search have not changed.

  • Survey Plan

    The Survey Plan confirms the real property description, title reference and location of the property. In essence, it is used to check that the property described in the contract is the actual physical property you intend to buy or sell.

  • Land Tax Clearance Certificate

    This search confirm whether there are any outstanding amounts payable for land tax. As land tax debts attach to the property, rather than to the owner, if there is land tax unpaid at settlement, a buyer may become liable for such amounts.

  • Rates Balance Check

    This search confirms any outstanding rates owing to the Local Government on the property. It also allows us to properly apportion the current period’s rates so that each party pays their respective proportion via an adjustment at settlement.

    This is not a full rates search and as such only contains very limited information.

  • Special Water Meter Reading

    This search triggers a reading of the property’s water meter which then allows for adjustment of the water usage at settlement. This ensures that the buyer pays only for their proportion of current period water and sewerage access charges and that the seller pays for the water usage to date and their proportion of current period water and sewerage access charges.

  • Body Corporate Information Certificate

    This search returns a government mandated form which details amounts payable to the body corporate in the body corporate’s current financial year. This includes payments in respect of administrative and sinking fund levies, special contributions and any overdue amounts.

  • CTS Statement & CMS

    The Community Title Scheme (CTS) Statement sets out the lots that form part of a community title scheme (i.e. a unit building or townhouse complex) and the registered dealing number of the Community Management Statement (CMS).

    The CMS is a document that identifies the land that forms the CTS and provides particulars of the scheme including the name, the applicable regulation module, the lot entitlements (which are used to calculate proportionate shares of levies), the by-laws and anything else relating to the scheme.

Standard Searches

These are searches that would usually be performed in a standard residential conveyance in Queensland. We recommend you obtain these searches.

  • Full Rates Search

    A Full Rates Search details rating information for the property including any outstanding amounts. Outstanding infrastructure charges will not generally be shown in a rates search. For details of outstanding infrastructure charges, a standard or full planning and development certificate must be obtained.

    A rates search may show outstanding notices issued however, the rates search may not fully show whether other disclosure or maintenance obligations apply. For this information further building notices searches will need to be undertaken.

  • Body Corporate Records Search

    This search is a physical search of the body corporate’s records. Based on the findings, a report is produced that can include information about the body corporate such as its financial position, any building defects, disputes, compliance with legislation and management issues.

  • Environmental Search

    This search confirms if the property is on the Environmental Management Register or Contaminated Land Register. If the property is listed on either register, it may limit or inhibit your ability to use the property in the way you intend.

  • Transport & Main Roads Search

    This search will identify if there are any current proposals or resumption information that affect the property in relation to roads, ports and rail. It should be noted that Queensland Transport will not provide information on proposals for resumptions that are not currently approved.

  • Pool Safety Register Search

    This search shows whether there is a pool on the property, a current pool safety certificate for the property or a revocation notice for a pool safety certificate.

    If there is a pool on the property and no pool safety certificate was given at contract, the standard REIQ contract stipulates that settlement is subject to the buyer being satisfied that a pool safety certificate can be issued. The buyer, acting reasonably may terminate if no pool safety certificate issues prior to the Pool Safety Inspection Date in the contract.

    If there is a revocation notice issued prior to the contract date, the buyer may terminate.

  • Flood Search

    This search reveals whether the property has flooded and the level of the last flood.

    The quality and level of data available varies depending on which local government area the property is located within.

  • Seller Bankruptcy Search

    This search shows whether the seller is currently bankrupt. If the seller is bankrupt, it may affect the seller’s ability to enter into the contract or settle the conveyance.

  • Seller PPSR Search

    This search details any personal property affected by a registered security interest. This is important if some assets being purchased by the buyer are subject to a registered security interest, they may be subject to repossession even though settlement has occurred

  • Seller Litigation Search

    This search shows if an action has been commenced by or against the seller, the nature of any action commenced and can lead to obtaining copies of all originating actions, interlocutory proceedings, orders, appeals, bills of costs and writes.

    This is important because if the seller’s interest in the property is affected by one of the above, it may jeopardise the seller’s ability to settle or the buyer’s ability to take clean title.

Recommended Searches

These are searches we recommend you obtain if you have particular concerns about the property you are buying or if you are unsure.

  • Limited Town Planning Certificate

    This search shows town planning information such as zoning, current use and future uses. It also details a summary of the provisions of the relevant planning scheme and regulatory provisions that apply to the property.

    This search is important because it may reveal if the property can be used for the buyer’s intended use.

  • Building Notices Searches

    The information that can be obtained in these searches (and their names) varies from council to council. However, generally speaking, these searches will show whether the status of any approved building works on the property and detail any show cause and enforcement notices.

  • Electricity Provider Search

    This search will detail if the property is connected under normal electricity tariff conditions or some other arrangement. It may also detail whether there are any underground electricity cables running through the property.

  • QCAT Search

    This search shows if an action has been commenced by or against the seller in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the nature of any action commenced. It will also reveal if the property is the subject of a neighbourhood dispute or tree dispute.

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