Real Estate Agents

1. Lawyers Run your Buyers’ and Sellers’ Conveyances

Few law firms in Queensland use specialist conveyancing lawyers to run conveyances. Most use paralegals, administrative or untrained staff. The buying or selling of a property is often the biggest transaction of the buyer’s and seller’s lives, yet many law firms treat it as sideline. A specialist conveyancing lawyer will do nothing but conveyancing. This means that the person you talk to about your sales can offer you full legal advice at any time.

2. One Point of Contact

Working with the same conveyancing lawyer consistently allows you to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Having the direct contact details of a lawyer ensures you can deal with any situation that arises.

3. A Conveyancing Lawyer On Call

A specialist conveyancing lawyer will value your relationship and will help you however they can. If the conveyancing lawyer is part of a firm that practises in other areas of law and you need advice from other lawyers in relation to a dispute, commercial matter, property development, town planning law, family law or wills and estates then your lawyer can introduce you to one of their colleagues practising in that area.

4. Constant Updates

A conveyancing lawyer knows that you are the one who has developed the relationship with the client and that you are key to a smooth transaction. They will email you a list of key dates at the start and then send an email every time that a condition is satisfied or extended. These constant updates not only keep you informed for when your client contacts you to discuss the progress of the sale, it saves you time so that you can get on with what you do best.

5. Other Specialist Lawyers

Often questions related to disputes, wills and estates, family law, property development or planning law come up during the sale of a property. If your conveyancing lawyer is in the same office as colleagues working in other areas of law, it is easy for them to get specialist advice on anything that may arise during a sale.

6. Easy to Contact

In firms where administration and other non-legal staff handle conveyances, those staff also have to go out to settlements, bank client cheques and other administrative tasks that take them out of the office. Conveyancing lawyers have assistants to handle the administrative work so they can devote their time to looking after you and your clients.

7. Great Prices

The internet has made conveyancing a competitive market. If the prices charged by conveyancing lawyers were not competitive then they wouldn’t be in business. Certus Legal Group offers some of the lowest prices in Queensland and offers them as transparent, all-inclusive packages. A conveyancing lawyer that wants to build long term relationships with property professionals like yourself is not going to risk having prices that look low at first instance but then contain small print so that your client gets a shock at the final bill.

8. A Risk Free Referral

As a property professional, you frequently refer your buyers and sellers to other professionals. You want to refer to people in the knowledge that your clients will be happy with the result. A conveyancing lawyer will ensure you can refer to them risk free by maintaining the highest standards. Certus Legal Group goes even further and offers a money back guarantee.

Want to Experience the Benefits?

At Certus Legal we enjoy catching up for a coffee or chatting on the phone to discuss how we can work together. If you would like to experience the benefits of building a relationship with a conveyancing lawyer then email us at and we will contact you. The wide network of agents that refer to us already is testament to the quality of service we provide to clients and agents alike.

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