Dispute Resolution

Certus Legal Group’s Dispute Resolution team is pragmatic and has the expertise and resourcefulness to resolve disputes as quickly and painlessly as possible. Whether working with businesses or individuals on the prosecution or defence of contentious matters, we will focus on resolving them in the most commercial, straight forward and cost effective fashion possible. If litigation cannot be avoided, our expert dispute resolution lawyers’ advice will ensure you have the most effective representation possible.

We recognise that whether or not a dispute escalates to litigation in court is no measure of the stress it can place on businesses and the individuals involved and the investment of time and energy it requires. Irrespective of whether you are part of a company dealing with a contract or trade practices dispute, or feuding with your joint venture partner, or part of a family business where disputes are literally closer to home, in our view the key in any potentially litigious matter is to recognise what will get you the result you want and to work with your lawyer to set a strategy to do just that.

Certus Legal Group’s expert dispute resolution lawyers work with a broad range of business and individual clients in a team approach where our role is to manage the dispute, ensure our clients have good information to make informed decisions and get a result in the best interests of the client quickly and cost effectively.

Our key areas of expertise include:

Whether you are an aggrieved party or you have been drawn into a dispute, we can assist you. Contact us to speak to one of expert dispute resolution lawyers on 07 3106 3016 or by using the form on this page.

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